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Setting the record straight

I’m going to take some time to set the record straight here. This website is not owned or edited by the local Ku Klux Klan organization. While we may publish letters by people known to associate with the Knights Party, and links to videos or other information tied to them, this is not their platform.

This site is provided as a contrast to the gushing liberal local news media, and brings to light glaring discrepancies as to how the media portrays issues, using rhetoric designed to bring about certain reactions. Newspapers and television news stations are using their platforms, viewership, and readership to push an agenda, using certain “buzz words” and references when not necessary to report on a news story, only for the effect of inciting and inflaming. Where is the outcry from the public on this?

You’ve been conditioned to accept what they say as gospel, and will repeat it ad nauseum whether it is fact or fiction, and at times outright lies.

We welcome any letters to the editor, which are coherent, literate, and do not contain vulgarities…however, as you can see by the past letters, only one side of the story can be heard, because the other side of the equation has shown itself unable to restrain itself in hurling insults and vulgarities.

On another note, we’ve removed the recent PDF from our site due to it being linked on numerous websites. It was provided so local readers of this site could see what was proposed, by whom, and what it involved. Whether or not this is an ongoing project or not, isn’t something we can determine, but the fact of it’s existence, and statements made in it, leave us wondering why it was so vehemently denied that it even existed.

So please, send us some mail, we’d love to hear from you. Just use our Contact page, and you may see your letter here.

The Editor