Letters To The Editor

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Below are posted some letters we’ve received for articles we’ve written or commented on. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a form to send us your thoughts if you’d like.


Hello, I just spent the last several minutes reading all the letters to the editor contained upon this web page. I’d like to say how pleased I am with the journalistic integrity contained therein. Thank you Mr. Editor for standing firm..

Bobby, Georgia

Hi Bobby,
Thanks for dropping us a line. We try to be the honest voice, and we refuse to be PC just because that is how the “other” media outlets try to drive up viewership. 
Stand by for some new articles coming soon.

The Editor


BLM flag in one hand and assault rifle in other?
Did he need a scope on it for walking around the square? So I asked him this question directly and he only laughed at me and said it is obvious and called me a name and refused any discussion. My own experience of this absolute only way to thinking is familiar to me and there is a low frustration level now. But also any one challenging him cause him to think he was under attack. Because he was scared. The gun was only an illusion of grandiosity but he had no heart. And my heart did not see his fear…and his gun failed to make him brave.

Judy, Harrison AR

Hi Judy, thanks for your note!
We can only assume you’re talking about the low brow agitator, Quinn Foster, who has no life, and can’t hold a job. Apparently he spent each day last week on the square, with a LGBTQP Gadsden flag, (the Don’t Tread On Me flag), or a BLM flag. We heard he wants to become a martyr, which still wouldn’t give his life meaning. 

He has made comments calling for the shooting of white people because it would be self defense, since they are all racist and want everyone else dead. Wonder why he isn’t in jail for terroristic threatening? A little birdie whispered in our ear that he is a snitch, which is why they they let him run free..there might be some truth in that, maybe some more will come out.

Thanks for trying to talk to him, but it is fruitless…these leftists and commies only want their voices heard, no explaining comrade.

The Editor



I think you are all a bunch of mean people. Why are you talking bad about Free Whiskey? People talk trash all the time and I am sure Ryan doesn’t really mean it, he is just mad. Stop talking about them, I mean it.

Heather, Harrison AR


Hi Heather, thanks for writing in!
Well, we didn’t originally talk about Free Whiskey, just one of the band members who was being rude and derogatory to a female who may have been a fan. Then he continued to be rude to other women, showing his true nature.
I am sure he DOES mean it, which is clear by the lack of an apology, and a bandmates stepping in to defend him. Now, really, if the frontman from Free Whiskey would have said that it was a mistake, or just kept his mouth shut, nothing else would have been said regarding the band. By blabbing about, he put the band itself square in the headlights, and being of the same caliber as Ryan Fiveash, which isn’t saying much about them.I’m just amazed at all the people who think it’s no big deal to attack women from out of the blue, because of who they are or who they aren’t. Anybody defending that behavior puts them in the trashy loser category, no ifs, ands, or buts.


Like you said, people talk trash all the time. Suck it up, buttercup.

The Editor


Reading through the Letters to the Editor and the resposes from the Editor is sickenoly disturbing. Everything being said and reiterated by the Editor premotes hate and intolerance. I bet there have been quite a few responses, like mine, saying how diaspicable this is but since the editor is racist, none of that gets put into the column; making Harrison look even more racist than it actually is. WAY TO GO!!! (not).

Sent anonymously from a Cox Internet subscriber in Fayetteville, AR.

Thanks for writing! Obviously you didn’t actually read any of the letters, did you? C’mon, be honest…you said you bet there have been letters against what we say, and GASP! they’ve been published, right here..so I know you didn’t actually read them or you would have seen this. Like the one directly below this one.

Of course, I expect you probably can’t read very well, as some of the responses (notice the spelling) have big words in them, and you seem barely literate while writing this. I would have privately corresponded with you to see if you were just having a bad day, but like most of the haters, liberals, and closet homosexuals, you won’t actually put your real email in your note.

Have a great day!
The Editor

Your Organization

For an organization that motivates use of the bible and lessons taught, why do you continue to practice policies that are contradicting to the bible? “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself.”

Shane from AOL

Thanks for writing in…but we’re confused. “motivates use of the bible and lessons taught”? Either you started drinking your Christmas Cheer a little early, or you are confused about where you are. We certainly don’t tell anyone what lessons to learn. You do realize we have no affiliation with any organization but our own Harrison Arkansas news site, right? Probably not, most of you that write in aren’t very intelligent anyway.

Wait…I get it..you are one of “THOSE” people, the ones who think they have all the answers and just can’t stand it when they are wrong…I’m sorry, I don’t have any more time to waste on an those who think they can add 1+1 and and still get the wrong answer, even when it’s simple.

Thank you,
The Editor


RE: Business Listings

The realtors listed on your web page have not granted permission to use their business names, contact information, photos, and website links. We kindly ask that you remove these businesses from your website.

Harrison District Board of Realtors

Thanks for writing in. In a simple word, no. We do not need “permission” to list any public business in a directory or a database. The directory is provided for readers who may be looking to relocate here, or that are already here and looking for more property. We would however be happy to remove any photos that aren’t considered in the public domain (meaning those that aren’t already published in numerous directories or on the interwebz). Just please tell us which ones are not, and we’ll remove the pictures, and substitute our photos, which we would acquire by visiting and taking our own, since the businesses are public, and accessible from a public area. As to removing contact information and weblinks, I’m sorry, that would defeat the purpose of a directory which is provided to our readership. We would make an exception for those who have no public listings, or those that remove all other public or web listings. Have you contacted Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any of the other search engines or business directories yet? I see the real estate agents we have listed here, are still listed there as well. We have however, changed the category to Real Estate Agents, as Realtor is a membermark, and we wouldn’t want to use that inappropriately.

It’s curious that such a prestigious organization such as yourself wouldn’t want all the exposure you could receive to help build Harrison into a strong, thriving community. We aren’t sure what offends you, but we can guess. The truth is always offensive to some. Thanks for letting us know where your priorities lie.

Thank you.
The Editor


RE: Harrison: Standing Firm on Reputation

Those outraged over the billboard should be asked what they know about anti-racism! I know plenty about it: it is based on the premise that the only reason minorities don’t do as well in school and in the broader economy is because whites hold them down. It foments racial blame and hatred! It does not acknowledge cultural differences, some being the fact that education is not as high a priority as other cultures. Anti-racism is a model of education and has spread to business, journalism, the military and government. It promotes the notion that whites should be held down because they have “white privilege”(in the nation that their European ancestors built). Even the late Senator Eugene McCarthy, who co-sponsored w/Ted Kennedy, the 1965 Immigration Act, regretted his role in opening up the US to the diversity of worldwide immigration! Anyone reasonable DOES NOT want to be invaded and displaced; it’s called survival instinct!!!!

Kate N.

Thanks for writing in about McCarthy. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of “reasonable” people in positions of power these days.

Thank you.
The Editor

Open letter
To the parents and others of interest with kids at Harrison schools. On Monday Nov. 18th,2013 at Harrison Middle School my child, along with other grade classes had to listen to an author read his book “WHITE FLOUR”.

This was certainly out of order in my opinion.It slams the KKK with some false facts, but to me is stirring up racism at schools where there are very few minorities. It makes me wonder “What next”? Are they going to be having homosexuals read books saying that is ok to be gay as well? Is it their job to change our kids pride of their White heritage?

Harrison should be a Godly town. Yes, Jesus and the Bible have been taken out of the schools for years. This was close to communist brain washing our children behind our backs. The billboard no one likes at least was up front. I’m teaching my kids to treat everyone the same. But that is MY JOB as a parent.

Maybe others should keep a closer eye on the schools here.The mayor is from Chicago originally. Take a peek at Chicago’s schools and crime. Do we want to bring that here? If you all have never been discriminated against as a white person, understand that yes, we can get it too. Think again and maybe next time the schools will use their heads. The schools were out of order.

Paul, Harrison Arkansas

Harrison: Standing Firm on Reputation

Mr. Editor,
I’d like to thank you for the bravery with which your newspaper is operating. I, being a non-Americam, firmly believe that the most American thing, or a trait, a characteristic if you will, on this world is the bravery and the free speech advocacy.

I hope that the Whites in US will find the will to survive and to reclaim and restore their once great nation. I would very much like to see that in my lifetime.

Thank you again! And good luck to you and all other White brothers and sisters in US.

European East
Somewhere in Europe

Thanks for writing in with your support. Unfortunately many news outlets don’t actually speak the truth, they only write what the establishment approves. We say it like it is.

We wish Europe well in their struggle. A collapse is coming, how much of the world it will affect is what is concerning.

Thank you.
The Editor

RE: Harrison: Standing Firm on Reputation

It is nice to see a town standing up for free speech. I agree with the sign. There are powers out there that want your safe communities like Harrison dragged to the depths of hell like has happened in the cities with a black majority population. You can also look to Zimbabwe and the murders of white farmers by the thousands in South Africa to see what their plan is for this country and Europe.

I recommend everyone read ‘White Girl Bleed a Lot’ by Colin Flaherty which documents many, many horrible crimes of black on white violence in this country that is swept under the rug by the media and police. These people think it is a joke that our own are being attacked, raped, and killed. They WANT it to happen.

When you let that guy from Chicago into your political arena, I can insure you that your town was targeted and he was sent there by nefarious groups to destroy your community. Everyone in that town better keep a keen eye on the dirty tricks that politicians play during elections, and then carefully select and elect someone who has the best interest of the community in their heart. You don’t want to have crime such as elderly farmers robbed and murdered in their own homes, and that is what happens when towns grow big with criminals in charge.

Sadie D.

Thanks for writing in Sadie. I’ve read the book you’ve mentioned, and it is disturbing.
We’ll be looking into the mayors Chicago connections a little closer, it’s something we’ve been meaning to do but haven’t yet. Your letter moves it up the list.

Thank you.
The Editor


RE: Harrison: Standing Firm on Reputation

Highest praise for those who support freedom of speech. Case in point the message on the billboard, those who disagree with the message are in the wrong on so many different levels with regards towards whites and freedom and liberty. Anti-whites dislike whites yet they yearn to mix with them and live amongst them, in reality their dislike of whites should dictate the opposite reaction, anti-whites should seek separation, much like sound minded whites seek separation from them.

Doug J
New York

Thanks for writing in Doug. We agree that free speech is the rule. This sign is in no way racist, and those who can’t see past their own failures and shortcomings are the only ones screaming for blood. Unfortunately, with the brainwashing of our children, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights may become empty words in a few generations, if not much sooner.

Rights must be protected and exercised, or we deserve to lose them.
The Editor


Anti-racist IS code word for anti-white!
Thank you for the story and being honest. I am in FL and soon we will have our own signs to admire. Enough is enough. We are white and we are proud!

Stanley H.

Thanks for writing in Stanley.
We hope your signs draw as much attention as the ones in our town have. It brings the spotlight onto the real problem in society, doesn’t it? Those who believe “Rights” are only for them.
The Editor


We’d like to thank the kind person from Fed Ex in Harrison, AR for the following letter. It shows that the Fed Ex Diversity Program is working, however, it also shows the quality of the employees they hire, and what they do on company time, on company computers. They didn’t just send it once, they sent it 30 times. Must have been an Affirmative Action hire.

Normally we would just chuckle at the intelligence level of the person who can’t compose a literate letter without resorting to the use of vulgarities, but this was just too good to pass up, so we passed it on. Unfortunately, since this Fed Ex employee gave a fake return email address, we couldn’t email him back…maybe he just has nothing else to say.

We have starred a few words, but we are sure you’ll get the gist of it. We’ve also included the IP information in case someone in the Harrison Fed Ex office cares what their employees do, besides work:

Hey… here is a tip for you..

GO **** YOURSELF!!!!

Sender IP:
Whois    : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Location : http://www.ip2location.com/

RE: Harrison Mayor outraged over negative publicity received from KKK

Good for Harrison Arkansas, I live in a city that has gun shots every night, I don’t like our city because of the violence. But how do you get away with having the KKK there. Never liked the KKK but now I see that it keeps the Blacks out and you have less violence and robbery, good for you.


Thanks for writing in with your question, Sonia. There is no “getting away” with having the KKK in this area. The local Klan group, The Knights Party, is afforded the same protections of any other group in the United States. Freedom of speech was guaranteed under the 1st amendment not to protect popular speech, but for exactly this reason: To protect unpopular speech.
The Editor