Are the Billboards considered Freedom of Speech?

Aug 12th, 2020 | By | Category: Local
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The real question is, are the billboards considered freedom of speech? The answer to that question is yes! They are Freedom of Speech and also Property Rights. First Amendment rights should be universally applied to all segments of the marketplace of idea- to all media where those ideas might appear whether they be newspapers, magazines, “underground” publications. radio, television, or…. billboards.. The First Amendment guarantees people freedom to choose the medium they prefer in which to express their ideas(be those social,political,religious, or commercial).
There is a lot of controversy over the billboards and how people want to infringe on others rights to express their free speech.

This specific billboard in question is the White Pride Radio Billboard. Now, how is this billboard any different than that Black Lives Matter billboard? Both billboards promote a specific race and how they are proud of their race. It is like saying get rid of the White Pride Radio billboard because it is not ok to be white, but it is ok to be black because we want to keep the Black Lives Matter billboard. That itself is RACIST! Mayor Jackson made a plea to please remove the White Pride Radio billboard and NOT the Black Lives Matter. Does this mean he thinks that white lives do not matter or is he afraid of the backlash he will get if he makes a plea to take down the Black Lives Matter billboard?

In the beginning of June, Crockett media rented 3 digital billboards to BLM with 1/4 Time viewing. Towards the end of June Crockett increased the viewing times to full time for free.

On July 31 Statement from Mayor Jackson which was released on the City of Harrison, Arkansas -Government about the video that was recorded in Harrison on July 27. On July 28, Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Bob Largent: Boone County Judge, Robert Hathaway and I released a joint statement denouncing the video as unfairly representing Harrison and eroding decades of work to overcome our past reputation. We have a local Black Lives Matter group that have been leading peaceful and productive protests.

On August 1, Ozark Advocacy and Action League made a comment that they are part of the “local BLM group” that Mayor Jackson uses as “proof” Harrison is not racist as the current video went viral. On that same very post .Mr. Jackson confirms the city wants “BLM to end” in our area. We do not understand our officials’ and law enforcement’s complete unwillingness to simply say the words “Black Lives Matter,” much less show any sort of support for the residents in this area currently making a stand against racism and injustice.

On August 4th Mayor Jackson spoke with AM900 and 94.9FM KHOZ made a plead with the owners of the “White Pride” billboard located on the south side of Harrison on HWY 65 to ” have it in their heart to remove it.”