On your mark, get set, GO! Harrisons race to become less white and more crime ridden has taken another step forward

Nov 4th, 2023 | By

George Floyd’s uncle, Selwyn Jones, who prefers Uncle Selwyn, belongs to an organization known as Hope929. Hope929 has the stated goal of creating equity for historically marginalized groups, and effecting a social shift in social justice. The 929 in the name is known as the angel number in the Tarot, and it is also how
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Boy Scouts: Grooming grounds for pedophiles?

Apr 11th, 2021 | By

When the BSA decided to allow gay children to participate in 2013, we knew it was starting. Then the BSA decided to allow gay troop leaders and employees in 2015, and when it followed it with the BSA decision to allow transgendered children in 2017, we knew it was over. In 2019, an organization identified
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Dan Whitfield for Senator? Really?

Dec 10th, 2020 | By

Outspoken BLM supporter Dan Whitfield, has seemingly been doxxing people on the word of a local hate group known as Ozark Coalition (formerly known as Ozark Hate Watch), run by Ryan Quinn Foster.   This particular group has shown repeatedly that most of what they claim is not backed up by any type of fact,
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Drunk Posting?

Aug 24th, 2020 | By
Jerry Jackson

Here we go again. It seems our illustrious mayor, Jerry “Jackass” Jackson, made a comma laced post last night on the Harrison Gity Government page againgst BLM and some local activists. Shortly after denouncing them and calling for Jeff “Carpetbagging” Crocket to remove the BLM signs, the post was deleted, but not before a screen
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Childrens Charity and Advocacy Groups

Aug 18th, 2020 | By

Childrens Charity and Advocacy Groups A group from outside Harrison, led by Larry Flenoid II of Springfield, Missouri and some local activists have an event planned for Sept 26th, that was to benefit Grandma’s House. Grandma’s House has pulled back from the event, due to the possible threats of violence from other activist groups, most
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Defund? No, ABOLISH the Police!

Aug 14th, 2020 | By

From defund the police to abolish the police, BLM and other leftist organizations are calling for action. Another group is also calling out…truckers. Truck driving is historically ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. In 2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic reported truck driving as the most deadly job in the
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Is Mayor Jerry Jackson friend or foe to residents of Harrison?

Aug 13th, 2020 | By
Jerry "the jackass" Jackson

Harvest Homecoming was scheduled for October 2 -3, 2020. The event is held outside at the square in downtown Harrison. Yesterday it was announced that the Harvest Homecoming is now canceled. The concerns for the spectator and participant safety, and regulations due to Covid-19 forced the difficult decision. Harvest Homecoming was started in 1986 and
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Petition to Remove Controversial Billboard

Aug 13th, 2020 | By

A petition on change.org to remove a controversial sign in Harrison Arkansas faces a new hurdle. On Monday, the land was transferred from the Harrison Sign Company to Robb Law Office. Jason Robb, owner of Robb Law Office, is also the son of Knights Party National Director Thomas Robb. The billboard, advertising for https://altrighttv.com and
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Are the Billboards considered Freedom of Speech?

Aug 12th, 2020 | By

The real question is, are the billboards considered freedom of speech? The answer to that question is yes! They are Freedom of Speech and also Property Rights. First Amendment rights should be universally applied to all segments of the marketplace of idea- to all media where those ideas might appear whether they be newspapers, magazines,
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Ozarks Hate Watch

Aug 11th, 2020 | By
Trans and Pedo Flags

Ozarks Hate Watch believe that Black, Brown, Gay and now transgender lives matter. What is next? Pedophilia? They do not believe all lives matter. They believe they get to decide who matters. What LGBT activists will not acknowledge is the unmistakable connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. This fact is particularly disturbing: Homosexuals comprise just two
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