Is Mayor Jerry Jackson friend or foe to residents of Harrison?

Aug 13th, 2020 | By | Category: BLM BTG Marxists, Local
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Harvest Homecoming was scheduled for October 2 -3, 2020. The event is held outside at the square in downtown Harrison. Yesterday it was announced that the Harvest Homecoming is now canceled. The concerns for the spectator and participant safety, and regulations due to Covid-19 forced the difficult decision.

Harvest Homecoming was started in 1986 and is an Annual Event in downtown Harrison Arkansas, featuring hometown talent, food vendors, arts & crafts, a car show, live music, family fun and more. This event is for the town of Harrison to provide families with an enjoyable weekend fall festival geared towards crafts, music, and fall harvest.

Yesterday it was also announced that there is an event coming up in Harrison, Arkansas September 26,2020. Hours 12pm – 8p.m. The event is CommUNITY Togetherness Charity Event. It will be held outside at the Mini Harris Park Pavilion which is also located in Harrison, Arkansas. The event is hosted by: Floy Godwin & Larry Flenoid II. The details of the event are as follows.
This is a charity event dedicated to creating commUNITY. We are looking to bust down walls and help the kids in heavily impoverished community get the skill to overcome hardships. Proceeds will be donated to Grandmas house and hosted by a local non profit.

So these are 2 different events taking place in Harrison 1 week apart. The Harvest Homecoming committee decided to cancel the Harvest Homecoming which is put on by the town of Harrison for the town of Harrison due to issues with Covid-19.  Mayor Jerry Jackson feels the need to welcome outsiders that are not even from our state of Arkansas to the town of Harrison to have their event but don’t worry about Covid-19, you will be immune.

Now, the question comes into play is the Mayor for the people and town of Harrison or is he a FOE? I think I can see that answer. Lets not forget that one of the organizers of this said event is also one of those that started the March on Zinc August 2nd then bailed out at the last minute. While he preaches the need for change and unity I have yet to see how he wants equality.

We received a tip this morning regarding a question that we have all been wondering… Where did Quinn get the flamethrower that he used in Zinc? Larry Flenoid II let Quinn use the flamethrower in Zinc and this is who Mayor Jerry Jackson welcomes to the town of Harrison with open arms.

I think that the event is a good event however I do not think that anyone associated in any form of violence in any way should be associated with an event like this. It does not seem very fair of the Mayor to shut down an Event that is put on by the people of Harrison for the town of Harrison and then welcome outsiders into the town and then bow down to all their demands. IS Mayor Jerry Jackson friend or foe of the people and town of Harrison?

There is also another event that was just made this morning also NVDA/NPFR Harrison Klan Busting in Harrison, Arkansas. September 26.202 12pm – 8pm also located at Mini Harris Park.

Hosted by: Ozark Hate Watch..

Details: As many know this organization is firmly anti-racist. Part of this is making difficult choices that often require us to defend our community even when it is not clear to the community what the danger is. This event will not be sanctioned BLM event and instead will organized strictly as a “No Platform FOr Racists” and will involve NVDA. The issue: We have learned a few Klanners were posing as “local Harrison organizers” to tokenize a community event with the purpose of covertly pushing their platform. All are key members of the notorious white supremacist group. Harrison Daily Gossip Column. These “Harrison Organizers” are well known white supremacists who have said threatening and disparaged comments toward black community and leaders in the past and advocated for the murder of us here at Ozark Hate Watch for our March on Zinc protest. We Cannot normalize racists and their behavior and give them a community event. We wouldn’t do it for pedophiles,why would we allow it here. We cannot ignore the event simply because one of the organizers is Black and be afraid to call out the tokenism taking place. The organizer made his decision. He has the right to his belief as we do ours. We cannot give these folks the ability to be covert in their actions. White supremacy operates best when it’s undetected and not called out. We cannot allow the businesses backing this endeavor to be covertly supporting the Klan without exposure.

So, as we all know that Ryan Quinn Foster is the one that runs the Ozark Hate Watch page and is behind this latest event that is listed. He also was welcomed to the town of Harrison with open arms by Mayor Jerry Jackson. Now there seems to be some fighting amongst the 2 groups. Are we, the people of Harrison, going to stand back and watch our town tear itself apart over the actions of these thugs that the Mayor welcomed to our town or are we going to stand and say enough is enough?