Dan Whitfield for Senator? Really?

Dec 10th, 2020 | By | Category: Area, Local
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Dan Whitfield

Outspoken BLM supporter Dan Whitfield, has seemingly been doxxing people on the word of a local hate group known as Ozark Coalition (formerly known as Ozark Hate Watch), run by Ryan Quinn Foster.

Ryan Quinn Foster

Ryan Quinn Foster


This particular group has shown repeatedly that most of what they claim is not backed up by any type of fact, it’s just the delusional accusations of what appears to be a very inebriated blacktivist agitator.

Some may recognize Dan Whitfield from videos out of Harrison, Ar in which he participated in protests with outside groups that were hoping to make a name for themselves in Harrison, instead of working on their own communities. These groups include “Bridge The Gap”, based out of Rogers, Ar which is headed by Aaron Clarke and his sister Jessica Ferguson-Mesias, “Ozark Coalition” now based out of Harrison, Ar headed By Ryan Quinn Foster,(and several aliases) and “Ozark Advocacy” based out of Harrison, Ar headed by Amanda Diane Devall(also with several other last name aliases.)




Amanda Diane Devall

Amanda Diane Devall

Previously these groups held other protests in which can be seen members claiming to be exercising their 1st amendment rights to vulgarly try to intimidate residents, including but not limited to, the elderly.

These groups used very aggressive and terroristic tactics for months. One of their targets was the very rural backwoods small town of Zinc Arkansas, population under 70 with the majority being elderly. Situated on an small dirt road 20 miles from Harrison, Zinc is a peaceful community that tends to its own.

These groups, apparently not doing any research, claimed the town was the home of Ku Klux Klan National Director Pastor Thomas Robb and the National headquarters of the KKK. Thomas Robb has never lived in Zinc, preached in Zinc, nor does he hold rallies there. He does not reside within 2 miles of the town.

After months of aggressive tactics, which included harassment, doxxing, and even a letter to Mr. Robb himself, provoking violence, these groups showed up in the small quiet backwoods town of Zinc.

Forming a protest that included vulgar signs, the blocking of a Volunteer Fire Department preventing emergency vehicles from exiting if an emergency had occurred, and several very drunk protesters who can be seen on video attempting to incite violence. Their claims on the day of said protest were that they were just simply holding a community barbecue appeared to be a false statement. Not one member of these groups were, or ever had been, a part of this small town community and none reside within 15 miles of this small community, most not within 60 miles.

Their intentions were very clear on the kind of BBQ they were intending when Mr. Foster exited a vehicle with a flame thrower and proceeded to prance the dirt roads of this small town from one end to the other, in what he thought looked like tactical gear in an attempt to intimidate the residents. Thanks to local law enforcement and many armed patriotic citizens from surrounding communities, their plans were interrupted.

Dan Whitfield is relying on the word of Ozark Coalition (Ryan Quinn Foster), a man who has allegedly been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 4 of his now former followers and who does not miss a chance to call anyone who does not have the same leftist/socialist beliefs as him, a Klan member regardless of their ethnicity. One who has on numerous occasions with his followers, tried to publicly humiliate community members based on their illnesses and disabilities. One who has publicly attacked anyone and everyone who does not follow his misguided teachings, who publicly praises the deaths of community members claiming them to be Klan.

Ryan Quinn Foster from Ozark coalition appears to be the person Dan Whitfield for Senator 2022 has chosen to promote and back his candidacy for senator in the 2022 elections, or at least refuses to denounce.

Is this the type of man you want making decisions for you?