Boy Scouts: Grooming grounds for pedophiles?

Apr 11th, 2021 | By | Category: Crime, Latest, Local
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When the BSA decided to allow gay children to participate in 2013, we knew it was starting.
Then the BSA decided to allow gay troop leaders and employees in 2015, and when it followed it with the BSA decision to allow transgendered children in 2017, we knew it was over.

In 2019, an organization identified 350 predator Scoutmasters, who were not previously identified by the FBI, and over 800 victims. There is a total of over 1200 known predator scoutmasters, leaders and employees, with numerous others still in the shadows.

Founded in 1910, teaching a boy to become a man, holding to tradition values, the Boy Scouts of America has become the opposite of what they once were.

The BSA maintains a list of known predator leaders, which many call the “perversion files”, which they claim helps to weed out the “bad characters’, however they seem to have not been too cooperative with authorities in releasing those names. Several have apparently been allowed to return to scouting in other leadership roles, knowing they were a risk. We also know in many cases, when one person in authority is caught, there are others that aren’t.

This hits particularly close to home in Harrison, as local resident and Merit Badge University Coordinator Robert Dale Purdy, has been charged with 52 counts of violating $5-27-602, DISTRIBUTING, POSSESSING, OR VIEWING MATTER DEPICTING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONDUCT INVOLVING A CHILD, CLASS C FELONY

Documents relating to these charges and other items will be attached to this post. Thank you to a concerned parent who forwarded these to us and is following the case.

Robert Purdy received a $15000 bond.